Nike’s .SWOOSH Taps Fortnite for Web3 Gaming – NFT Plazas

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Buckle yourselves in folks, Nike has hinted at what may be one of the most important NFT integrations in the industry to date. The sports apparel conglomerate released a teaser video featuring Fortnite, the Unreal Engine and its .SWOOSH Web3 platform.

Despite coming in at only 25 seconds, there’s a lot to unpack from Nike’s latest jaw-dropping revelation. Within its brief frames, viewers can ascertain that a sneaker hunt called ‘Airphoria’ will kick off on June 20 within the Fortnite ecosystem. However, it is the logo at the end that proves most telling, with the .SWOOSH icon sitting next to that of the Unreal Engine.

As expected, Nike’s new video has created quite a stir in Web3 circles, with many feeling that this could be the catalyst to send NFT gaming to heady new heights. Essentially, marking a truly mainstream experience that would appeal to Fortnite’s 242 Million Monthly users, who are already familiar with the concept of digitized gaming assets.

Nike’s .SWOOSH Platform Makes a Major Push into Web3 Gaming

This latest move marks an major surge in gaming activity from Nike’s innovative .SWOOSH platform. Earlier in June, it announced a knee-trembling integration with the EA Sports goliath that will see its custom NFT apparel enter its gaming environment. Effectively, handing the tech one of the biggest stages in digital entertainment on which to showcase its incredible versatility.

For Web3 as a whole, this means that its no longer just fringe startups that are spearheading a switch to NFT-based gaming assets. Instead, several major institutions have combined their collective might to launch one of the most exciting NFT initiatives the Web3 world has ever seen.

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