Nifty Gateway to Cut Gas Fees with Innovative Wallet to Wallet Feature

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Revered NFT marketplace, Nifty Gateway is all but ready to launch its groundbreaking new Wallet to Wallet (W2W) feature, allowing traders of participating collections to save up to 70% on accrued gas fees.

Nifty Gateway’s innovative new W2W feature will launch at 2pm ET on April 7 paving the way for a new era in savings. Further celebrating the launch, the venerable marketplace will waive platform charges for the first 30 days of the initiative. This will enable a host of wallet-friendly services for collectors and traders alike.

To make this all possible, Nifty Gateway has streamlined the trading process, effectively moving the validation and settlement processes off chain. As a result, users need only approve the collection on chain when making their first listing. After which, all subsequent listings and cancellations will accrue no additional processing fee.

🚨 We want w2w to be a seamless experience for everyone 🚨

The downtime tonight was caused by changes related to w2w. We have decided to take some time to thoroughly examine what happened today to ensure it does not happen again.

W2W Madness will now begin on Apr. 7th @ 2 PM ET

— Nifty Gateway (@niftygateway) April 6, 2022

Furthermore, to inject an additional spot of fun into proceedings users will accrue points when listing, buying and selling items from approved collections. As a result, participants with the highest number of points will win incredible NFT prizes.

For the launch, a number of high-profile NFT projects will participate in the initial W2W frenzy. Currently onboard are NFT heavyweights World of Women, Cool Cats, Hackatao, Ninja Squad, and many more. Further collections will join in the fray as they look to roll out the facility to a wider range of collections..

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