Nifty Gateway Launches Game Changing NFT Management Tools

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As the NFT market wavers and many Web3 platforms begin to feel the strain, Nifty Gateway has chosen to innovate. It is now debuting some of the best NFT management tools in the business as it looks to close the gap on pack leader, OpenSea.

Taking the bull by the horns, Nifty Gateway has introduced ‘Publishers,’ a new and versatile platform designed with NFT creators in mind. It provides all of the game changing innovations previously reserved for its curated drops, while simultaneously giving artists full control over their work.

Through the initiative, Nifty Gateway will enable flexible payment and custody options to NFT collectors, meaning that users can purchase NFTs in both fiat and crypto currencies, then store them in either a custodial or personal wallet. Therefore, providing an entry point for those not familiar with the complicated crypto world.

1/ Today we are excited to introduce✨Publishers✨
A new platform that will enable people to curate their own drops on Nifty Gateway.

— Nifty Gateway 🌐 (@niftygateway) September 1, 2022

Furthermore, the enlightened team has also formulated a new out-of-the box, gas-optimized smart contract that provides true ownership to NFTs. Coupled with the widest range of drop types throughout the NFT industry, allowing creators to circulate their NFTs via bespoke auctions, 1 of 1 drops, open editions and more.

Rounding off the progressive updates, Nifty Gateway can also provide aid within the financial side of operations, offering to take care of laborious tax forms and facilitating revenue splits where necessary. Nifty Gateway’s versatility also allows creators to manage these areas themselves.

This impeccable new suite of updates currently resides in beta mode for 50 selected artists. However, expect a wider roll out in the near future!

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