Ni No Kuni to Retrofit Blockchain Tech into its Latest Release

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Beautifully animated video game series, Ni No Kuni, has announced it will retrofit blockchain tech into its latest title, enabling fans to participate in a fully functioning gaming economy and spend rewards in any way they see fit.

As Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds debuts to the Western world, the indie developer behind it, Level 5, has a few tricks up its sleeve. Those engaging with the platform can now earn tokens that have utility beyond the confines of the gaming environment, as virtual toil reaps genuine rewards that bleed into the physical world.

Going forward, Level 5 will deploy a dual token system featuring gaming currencies ‘Territe’ and ‘Asterite’. Both of which, gamers can earn by completing tasks within the Ni No Kuni ecosystem, then trade them for their blockchain equivalents on the custom Ni No Kuni exchange.

Despite releasing to the western audience just last month, Studio Ghibli joint venture has spent the previous year on the Asian circuit. Therefore, representing a rare case of a game retrofitting blockchain tech, rather than custom developing the game around it. So, with one million downloads to date, it marks blockchain integration for a game that stands strong on its own individual merits.

Heading into the future, the team plans to launch staking in Q3, then add a tasty flavouring of NFTs towards the end of the year, while fans of the franchise can download it for free on Android, IOS and Desktop clients right now!

Learn more about the Ni No Kuni Economy >> Here


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