NFTs with Exclusive Footage of David Bowie Live Now

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The legacy of one of the 20th century’s most iconic music stars, David Bowie, is set to extend itself into the realm of NFTs. In collaboration with Melos Studio, the Bowie estate, and his personal photographer Denis O’Regan, Starly NFT marketplace are launching the David Bowie NFT collection, giving fans the chance to own exclusive and never-before-seen footage of the late music legend via NFTs. 

The collection will drop on January 27th at 13:00 GMT. It will consist of 12,000 NFTs which are divided into 1×120 Legendary cards,  3×1000 Rare cards and 4×2220 Common cards. To acquire the cards, fans must purchase a ‘Mystery Pack’ which includes 1 Rare card, 2 Common cards, and 1 randomly assigned card which has a 4% chance of being Legendary. There are 3,000 Mystery Packs available, each costing $99.  

There are also additional perks for purchasers, as collectors possessing a card with the serial number ’1947,’ the birth year of Bowie, will receive an extra, unique NFT airdropped by Melos Studio. In addition, all of those who purchase a Mystery Pack during the sale time will share a prize pool of $10,000, whilst also being airdropped 100 WAVE points and an additional NFT.

The collection will feature an array of different unshared and previously private content, including backstage photos and videos, recordings of humorous convocations from show rehearsals, and audio tracks and monologues from Bowie himself.

This is not the first initiative to use blockchain technology to immortalize the legacy of the Brixton-born icon, as June 2021 saw Playboy and artist Shantell Martin release Bowie 1976, a three-piece NFT collection based on an interview the magazine conducted with the star over 45 years ago.

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