NFTs Used to Preserve Areas of the Amazon Rainforest

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Moss, a Brazilian climate tech pioneer and leader in blockchain environmental solutions, has began using NFTs as a way of preserving areas of the Amazon rainforest. The unprecedented initiative sees 50 hectares of the endangered forest being issued to those who purchase a ‘Moss Amazon NFT,’ in an effort to alleviate such land’s risk of being deforested.  

Upon purchase, Moss Amazon NFT holders are issued one hectare of land (equivalent to one football field) from the Pará region of Brazil, therefore meaning there is a total of 50 plots on offer. To attest their authentic governance over such sacred land, the NFTs will be encrypted with a digital certificate of ownership.

Evidently, the innovative concept hit it off right away with the climate-conscious community, as the NFTs pre-sale round on OpenSea sold out in less than an hour. The collection’s general sale is currently live until 4:30AM GMT on February 13th, where, at the time of writing, there are still a number of hectares up for grabs (each with a floor price of 1.4 ETH).

To leverage the utility of such NFTs even further, and because Moss will still be acting as the guardians and custodians of the areas of land, 20% of all proceeds from the NFT sale will go to Moss’s 30-year old protection fund. The money will go towards the costs of patrolling, satellite imagery, insurance for eventual forest loss, and any other demands necessary for the security of the areas.

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