NFTs to the Rescue as Struggling Artist Trials the Blockchain

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As most continue to deal with the fallout of the latest turbulent month in crypto circles, one talented individual has only just begun his journey. Embarking on a heartwarming rags to riches tale of an artist struggling to earn enough to afford life’s trivialities such as food and medical care.

Following a difficult period, pseudonymous artist jmw327 decided to give these new-fangled NFTs a try. Reaching out on Twitter, he penned an impassioned post revealing that he barely earned 10k a year through his commissions. Therefore, turning to the alien technology in a hope to subsidize his income.

probably gonna try out nfts, dont understand them or why they are controversial, but cant keep making less than 10k a year and so if there is a chance want to be able to afford healthcare and stuff, sorry if it offends you and please do whatever makes you feel comfortable

— jmw327 (@jmw327) May 17, 2022

Shortly afterwards, jmw327 listed his very first NFT via the Foundation marketplace. An innocent pixel art scene of a small girl as she waits patiently on a street corner. Simultaneously however, the original tweet began to get noticed within the NFT community. Soon, the message went viral, and the bids began to roll in.

By the end of the auction, the single artwork sold for an incredible 20.9 ETH ($42k), amassing in a single sale over four times the amount the artist would normally make in a whole year. As a result, jmw327 can now afford both food and medical care, as well as shoes, Ferrero Rocher and probably a crown.

Despite the crypto downturn, its serves a kindly reminder to know that good things still happen while the blockchain continues to misbehave.


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