NFTs to Help Preserve the Culture and Heritage of Belgian Beer

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Brewers and farmers from Belgian Barrels Alliance (BBA) have partnered with NFT auction and commerce platform, Zeromint. The partnership was formed with the aim of preserving the United Nations’ recognized ‘Belgian beer culture and heritage’ through offering NFTs to a global audience of beer fans and enthusiasts.

Several BBA NFT collection projects will be running between January 1st and January 14th, which will be minted and offered by Zeromint on GoChain blockchain. The first BBA NFT auction is in fact a recruitment initiative that gives 11 aspiring actors the chance to gain an acting role in an upcoming BBA-produced movie, title ‘Belgian Barrels,’ with the prices of such roles being auctioned at a set price of $1,111 each. An official statement from BBA described the aim of the cinematic production:

The aim of the movie project is to further eternalize the Belgian Beer history through a professional cinematic movie production, which BBA plans to promote and distribute globally.”

In addition to their immediate and apparent perks, the NFTs on offer throughout all BBA NFT collection projects will also give owners whitelist VIP access to all BBA events, as well as access to vintage beer menus and exclusive bottles at BBA clubs. Co-founder of BBA, Tom De Block, stated that 80% of the money raised through the NFT collections will go towards a local Belgian charity.

BBA also have plans to launch engaging and rewarding NFT initiatives which promote tree plantations and the education of specialized artisan skills and traditions.

Watch ‘Belgian Barrels’ movie teaser >> Here


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