NFTLND Presents the “Vitalik Moon Lambo” NFT Artefact Auction

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Every now and then an opportunity presents itself to own a piece of history. A fragment of the Berlin wall, a baseball from the world series, or OJ Simpson’s gloves. These items all hold significant value due to the actions associated with them. In this vein, collectors can now acquire an item that represents a key moment in NFT history.

In a unique auction, worthy bidders can compete for ownership of a new kind of artefact. Not just a physical item that transports its owner to an historical moment, but also definitive proof of that item’s authenticity. So, beginning at 2pm of February 26 and running for 48 hours, relic hunters can acquire a T-shirt signed by none other that Vitalik Buterin himself along with an NFT video that proves its legitimacy.

The item in question is a one-of-a-kind real-life wearable, emblazoned with the widely shared “Vitalik Moon Lambo” meme. A design that sees a silver clad Vitalik encapsulated by the Ethereum logo, magically levitating a cherry red Lamborghini between his outstretched hands. A fabulous item, which also proudly displays the Ethereum godfather’s signature off to one side, thereby giving fans a chance to own the historical bundle, captured at the ETHLND meetup held on September 2, 2019.

1645611908 nftldn vitalik t shirt auction2.jpg

The sale of this other-worldly collectible comes courtesy of the annual NFT London meetup, with the auction of the item helping raise funds for this year’s event. A worthy addition then, for any self-respecting NFT collection in the non-fungible space.

Seize the opportunity to own a piece of NFT history >> Here


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