NFT Worlds to Build its Own Blockchain Version of Minecraft Game

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In wake of Mojang Studios pulling the plug on all Web3 involvements in Minecraft last week, NFT Worlds, the development team which was committed to bringing NFTs to the ever-popular game, has hit back at the Swedish company for its abrupt policy decision. In making such criticisms, the tech outfit also stated its intent to build a new and improved version of the Minecraft concept, wherein blockchain elements will be welcomed to their fullest. 

The announcement, which is titled ‘The Future Of NFT Worlds,’ was posted on the company’s Twitter page late last week. It began by describing the significance of NFT Worlds’ contributions to the Minecraft ecosystem, and how essentially, its collection of nearly 200 independent teams and almost 100,000 players added nothing but positivity, excitement, and something different to the game. 

With such description in mind, the company then went on to claim that the decision to ban all blockchain elements within the game signals Microsoft’s, Mojang’s, and Minecraft’s lack of regard for creators, builders and players. They also said that it is not the first time, nor will it be the last, that the company will enforce such crippling policies. 

More pivotally, on the productive side of things, the announcement then went on to describe the company’s ambition to build its own Minecraft-esque game that will support all of the blockchain elements which Mojang suddenly rejected. As per the actual words of the company, the game will have “the core mechanics of Minecraft, but with the modernization and active development Minecraft has been missing for years”.

With the help of top visionary developers from within the Minecraft development ecosystem that have already been onboarded, NFT Worlds also intends for the new game to feature an array of technical improvements, a more user-friendly brand identity, and due to its Web3 adoption, a more accessible, ownable, and enjoyable playing experience.

Additionally, the game will be free to play, and will also be backwards compatible with existing Minecraft server plugins. This means that when the time comes, content creators and players alike will be able to switch to the new game seamlessly.


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