NFT Worlds Hits a Roadblock as Minecraft Outlaws Web3 Tech

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Mojang Studios has thrown a significant spanner into the machinery of the ambitious NFT Worlds project, effectively banning any kind of blockchain or NFT integration from their popular Minecraft game.

The news came like a punch to the face for the beleaguered Web3 outfit, who had plans to build within the Minecraft infrastructure, leaving them keen to enter into dialogue with Mojang Studios. Despite this, the resilient world builder remains committed to soldiering on with their Web3 plans.

Realistically however, NFT Worlds has acknowledged in all likelihood it has two options going forwards. Either they hire a development team to build their own platform based on one of the many Minecraft clones that have emerged in the decade since its release, or integrate their services into an existing GameFi platform, something they had already prepared for in case of such a crisis.

Here’s an early look at our upcoming guidelines regarding Minecraft and NFTs.

If you’re a player or creator actively involved in the buying, selling, or trading of NFTs that make use of Minecraft, please read the information in the article below.

— Minecraft (@Minecraft) July 20, 2022

In the announcement, Mojang, and by association, Microsoft, essentially banned the use of NFTs and the blockchain from all aspects of the game, which, in all honesty, is a bit rich coming from a company that offered NFTs at its own Windows 11 launch.

Following the unwelcome bombshell, trading activity spiked as collectors look to offload their assets. Therefore, seeing the number of transactions soared, and floor price plummeted.

Read the full announcement >> Here


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