NFT Services See Big Demand on Fiverr – NFT Plazas

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For years, Fiverr has been serving people and businesses around the world, letting them access all sorts of services from freelancers at affordable costs. These days, it seems NFT-related services are in big demand from businesses that use the marketplace.

This is according to Fiverr’s latest Business Trends index which states that UK businesses have increasingly sought out NFT and video-focused social media services in the last six months. 

The report suggests that businesses in the UK are actively trying to increase their web3 presence and develop NFT-related products. It also identified specific services that have seen an increase in interest such as ‘NFT Design’ which saw a 204% increase, ‘NFT Website’ with a 134% increase, ‘NFT Marketplace’ with a 196%, and ‘NFT Collection’ with a +160%. 

As this data shows, many different facets of NFT development are being looked into by UK-based businesses and this is a sign of a changing business landscape.

The services that are trending in search on the Fiverr platform have been predictive of business’ evolving demands as they navigated unpredictable times over the last few years,” said Hila Klein, COO of Fiverr. 

If this is any indication, we can expect to see many more NFT projects launched by businesses in the future.


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