NFT Holders Airdropped Singles from Snoop’s and Steve Aoki’s New EP

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Blockchain advocates Snoop Dogg and Steve Aoki have combined their passion for music and digital assets to form a Web3-centric music collective called ‘Alpha Doggz’. The pair are inaugurating their combined efforts through the launch of a five-track EP, with holders of particular NFTs receiving an airdrop of a single from the project. 

The first two tracks of the EP, ‘Super Freak’ (featuring October London) and ‘Holy Grail’ were released on May 19th, with Snoop Stashbox NFT holders being airdropped the former, and A0K1VERSE Passport NFT holders being airdropped the latter.

On May 23rd, the full EP, dubbed ‘Da Da,’ will be officially released, allowing the public to listen to the two previously released tracks, in addition to the project’s title track ‘Da Da,’ as well as singles ‘Girls,’ and ‘How I Do It’. 

‘Da Da’ is released in collaboration with Gala Music, the platform which facilitated Snoop’s Stash Box NFT foray, as well as in collaboration with Snoop’s own Web3-focused music label Death Row Records. When speaking on the ambitions of such label during a Gala Music-hosted AMA session in March, the Doggfather had this to say:

“We plan on giving people access to buying and trading some of these classic songs, classic records that were the foundation of Death Row. We (also) plan on bringing great music and great artists (to the label), this is what Death Row is all about, trying to expand and take it to new regions”.


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