NFT Games Thrive on Steam Despite Public Ban – NFT Plazas

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Just under 2 years ago, the Steam gaming empire made eyes roll and developers cry into their coffee when it banned NFTs from its platform. Despite their best efforts, however, that divisive strategy has not quite turned out as planned.

Due to the resilient nature of the Web3 crowd, a number of titles have emerged on the Steam marketplace by navigating a hazy grey area in the Ts and Cs. These come in the shape of games that strip out their crypto elements for Steam users, and those that employ the cunning use of off-line transactions to enable the NFT component.

For example, NFT snowboarding romp, Evaverse, has flown under the radar for some time, having launched before Steam announced its ban. Effectively, allowing gamers to access and use their NFTs through its own third-party player account. As a result of its subtle tactics, most Steam users remain unaware of its NFT element, and the game has garnered mostly positive reviews.

Some Games Take a More Cautious Approach on Steam

Other games taking an interest in Steam’s mammoth userbase have taken a more cautious approach to the marketplace. Essentially, stripping out any NFT and crypto components in order for them to abide by Steam’s rules. As a result, titles like Gala Games’ Superior have launched restricted versions of their games to entice users to seek out the full version, and to ready themselves should Steam soften its approach to NFTs on its platform. Meanwhile, other projects like Goblintown, just want to make a ruckus by plastering their image for all to see!

For now, Steam’s 30 million active users are enough to entice NFT games to find a way into its market, however, Epic still represents the best option for those looking for the full Web3 experience.

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