NFT-Funded Film ‘The Infinite Machine Movie’ Enters Decentraland

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After funding part its production through the sale of NFTs, ‘The Infinite Machine Movie,’ a feature-length film based on Camilla Russo’s namesake book which tells the story of Ethereum’s emergence, is now exploring the metaverse in order to expand its message.

In doing so, Versus, the company behind the film’s production, has inked a deal with open-source virtual world Decentraland, and Hong Kong and Singapore-based entertainment specialist Lumiere, to help onboard the project onto the metaverse platform. 

The agreement between Versus and Decentraland will see the film and its NFTs be integrated into the Decentraland metaverse, with Lumiere to support with transferring the film’s premise into the virtual world through immersive and engaging features which fans can interact with.

When speaking on the endeavour, Alejandro De Grazia, the Head of Film and Entertainment at Decentraland Foundation, had this to say: “We are really proud that a company such as Lumiere and as important a film as ‘The Infinite Machine’ have chosen Decentraland to build their experience in order to interact with its community fan base. The link between movies, their communities and the Metaverse is already happening”. 

Although still in production, with the likes of  Shyam Madiraju serving as writer and director, and Ridley Scott’s ‘Scott Free’ producing the film alongside Versus, The Infinite Machine is expected to launch a third round of NFTs in the next few months, which will ultimately see it become the first ever NFT-financed film.


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