NFT Exhibition Coming to Times Square – NFT Plazas

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It seems New York City is about to get a taste of the NFT magic as a new exhibition called “NFT, Contemporary and Digital Art,” will be making its way there from September 5 to 11, 2022. This exhibition is being organized by Art Innovation Gallery, an Italian company, and will be focused on the iconic Times Square. 

Time Square is especially famous for its massive billboards and during this time, NFTs will be displayed on them. The NFTs in question will be Art Innovation Gallery’s selection of the works of 56 digital artists. 

NFT, Contemporary and Digital Art Billboard Art Exhibition in Times Square, New York, September 5th – 11th 2022,” a tweet from the company said ahead of the launch. 

Some of the artists to be featured include Grant Riven Yun, Jivinci, Henrik Uldalen, and Simon Dee. This is a very impressive development considering that Times Square is one of the most visited tourist spots in the world and this casts a massive spotlight on NFT-focused art. 

Previously, Times Square played host to NFTs during this year’s NFT.NYC conference and it seems we are now getting more. Hopefully, even more NFT projects will find their way into the Square.

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