NFT Ethics – Exposing the Worst Members of the Community

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As a relatively new industry still finding its feet, the NFT realm is not without its pitfalls. As a result, the landscape is peppered with members of ill intent looking to exploit their impressionable followers while very little infrastructure is in place to hold these unscrupulous folk accountable.

All is not lost however, as a number of independent organizations have mushroomed into existence to fill this legislative void. One such noble enterprise is the NFT Ethics Twitter feed. An exceptional resource providing in depth analysis of shady projects as well as exposing high profile, yet intrinsically unpleasant members of the NFT space.

1/ Maybe it’s interesting to mention some background on Crypto888crypto, someone already quite long active in the crypto world by shilling low Market Cap (MC) alt coins. He has deleted many tweets and also confirmed that, but we still have them all saved.

— NFT Ethics (@NFTethics) February 13, 2022

Each finely researched thread focuses on the latest controversy to circulate the NFT space, providing a clear and concise background of the operation, including sources and evidence to back it up, as well as having the stones to go toe to toe with some of the biggest names in the industry. The Twitter account truly provides the community with the vital service that keeps followers informed of the latest nefarious developments.

The end result is an impeccable analysis that plays a key role in today’s NFT ecosystem. The first port of call for anyone active in the sphere. If there is one single thread that everyone should follow, it’s the esteemed citizens at NFT Ethics.

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