NFT Artist String Bean Unmasked as Comedy Star Jim Carrey

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Back in April, a curious thing happened, actor turned Web3 trailblazer, Jim Carrey, announced an imminent NFT drop that never materialized. In fact, it would be another two months before his first artwork arrived on SuperRare. As it turns out however, Jim had taken to the ancient art of subterfuge for his inaugural drop, right under the noses of everyone!

Acting via the alias, String Bean, the artful creator launched a series of five animated NFTs called ‘Germinations’ via the Foundation platform. Each item, the combination of artwork and narration by Jim, all brought to life by NFT studio Big Head Club.

Germinations, my first collection, is going live on Foundation today.

Can’t wait for every single one of you to see these five pieces:

— StringBean (@StringBean_Art) May 9, 2022

Through the 5 artworks, the ‘former’ actor embarked on an autographical journey, exploring the multiple versions of Jim that exist within his complicated persona. This happened all while performing a mind-bending experiment into how society perceived the crossroads where art, fame and value all meet, despite a myriad of out in the open clues as to String Bean’s true identity.

Since its launch, Germinations has performed modestly in NFT circles, receiving a total volume of 2.77 ETH ($4750). All the while, pre-unmasking offers hovered around the 1.5 ETH ($2500) mark. Now however, with his true identity out in the open, collectors can expect bids to come in thick and fast!

Check out the collection >> Here


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