NFT-Adopting Battle Royale Title ‘GRIT’ Passes Gala Games Node Vote

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GRIT, the upcoming free-to-play battle royale game from Team GRIT, has officially been inaugurated into the Gala Games ecosystem thanks to a hugely successful node vote. The vote in question was performed by owners of Founder nodes, who had 24 hours to vote on whether the Wild West-themed title is worthy of joining Gala Games’ impressive portfolio of games, 

Although a simple majority was all that was needed for the game to pass the vote, results revealed that out of 9407 voters, a staggering 9297 (98.83%) voted in favour of GRIT being added to Gala Games, whilst only 84 (0.89%) voted against and 26 (0.28%) abstained. 

As its ties with the Web3-centric Gala Games suggests, the game will contain blockchain elements through the inclusion of Hero NFTs that’ll allow players to play as entirely unique characters. To reward Founder node owners for their contributions to the Gala Games community, they will be allocated 4-8% of all NFTs, with the exclusion of generative NFTs, at the time of minting.

Unique, NFT-ified characters, players of GRIT will be able to explore the towns, fields, and plains of the untamed West (in solo, duo, and ‘squad showdowns’ modes), as they fight on foot or via horseback to become the last man standing.

Although an official release date for the title is yet to be announced, GRIT is expected to launch on Windows PC some time in the coming months.

Check out GRIT >> Here


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