‘NFL Rivals’- The Upcoming American Football NFT Game

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Off the back of MLB inaugurating itself into the global Web3 ecosystem of Sorare, the NFL and NFL Players Association (NFLPA) is now entering blockchain gaming through a new partnership with gaming technology studio Mythical Games. The project in question is titled ‘NFL Rivals,’ an NFT, play-and-own-based game which is set for launch next year. . 

Not too dissimilar to the dynamics of Sorare, NFL Rivals will see fans compete against each other as ‘General Managers’ of American football teams within a fantasy-league style format, with its play-and-own mechanism meaning that NFL player NFTs owned by users will also serve as their fielded players within matches. 

In addition to owning the NFTs of their favourite NFL stars, the NFL Rivals community will also have the opportunity to attend special events, receive various in-game rewards, and experience other features, immersion and interaction throughout gameplay.

In speaking on the project, Mythical Games Chief Creative Officer Jamie Jackson had this to say: “NFTs with utility can add value to players in-game, and we can’t wait to bring these concepts to NFL Rivals to evolve the team management genre by adding the advantages of play-and-own games, offering the community new ways to engage with their favourite teams and players both in and outside this virtual world”.

Although not set for release until early 2023, it is thought that fans will be able to begin building their NFL NFT rosters beforehand, as a ‘Rarity League’ drop of 32 limited-edition collections of 3D NFL-themed NFTs will take place sometime prior to launch day. 

Source: https://nftplazas.com/nfl-rivals-the-upcoming-american-football-nft-game/

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