NFL Rivals Storms Up-field with 1 Million Downloads – NFT Plazas

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At a time where the interest in PFP NFT collections continues to wane, the NFT gaming market remains in its ascendency. To reinforce this point, Mythical Games just passed the 1 million downloads mark for its football-themed ‘NFL Rivals’ title.

The major milestone becomes even more surprising, considering it made its mobile debut on Google Play and the Appstore just 2 months ago. Mythical Games attributes this success to engaging gameplay as well as its seamless onboarding process. Effectively, by focusing on players first, and NFTs second, it has fostered an environment where anyone can take part regardless of their Web3 literacy.

The impressive figures don’t end there however, as once downloaded, players are getting hooked on the game. A testament to this has seen over 15 million matches played to date, with the free-to-play game recording a 4.8/5 rating based on over 22k reviews.

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According to a Mythical Games spokesperson, most new players to the gaming environment don’t even realize there is an NFT component, despite everyone receiving a crypto wallet by default. Of these, only about 10% have so far interacted with the NFT marketplace.

“What we are seeing is that players when they come in, even if they’re not familiar with Web3 concepts,” “We love the idea that we can onboard them very gently into the space.” – John Linden – CEO, Mythical Games

Mythical Games Cements Itself as a Heavyweight in Web3 Gaming

Mythical Games comes out as one of the major performers within the Web3 gaming market. Now featuring 3 stand out titles in the shape of the anarchic Blankos Block Party, gasoline fueled Nitro Nation Racing, and the rapidly expanding NFL Rivals. As a result, hitting on the perfect recipe for success within the burgeoning NFT gaming landscape.

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