New Metaverse Human Park Bringing ‘Nudes’ Playable Avatar NFTs

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Virtually Human Studios (VHS), the creators of digital horse racing game, Zed Run, have announced their latest project, Human Park.

Human Park will see users leave behind the mundane and restrictive natures of the physical world, as they join a digital world which is solely shaped by their own interactions and choices. It will allow users to do what society doesn’t permit, as they can complete quests to recover magical items, save towns from wraths of vengeful creatures, or assassinate tyrants using retractable weaponry.

Identity creation is a fundamental concept within Human Park, with the vehicle for such creation coming through the ownership of playable avatars called ‘Nudes.’ The naming pays homage to the nature in which every player enters the world – fully naked, fully customizable, and as a fully blank canvas.

Through players owning ‘Nudes,’ they can mould new, and even multiple, virtual identities, to a degree of limitlessness that we are yet to comprehend. So far, VHS have released multiple images on their social media pages which present ‘Nudes’ as clay-like animated characters, which quite possibly may be alluding to their final, in-game appearance.

Human Park is set to be a metaverse adventure of existence, identity, and environmental creation, where the full wonders of web3 technology will be encapsulated. So far, the developers at VHS are yet to release any official launch dates, however as prompted, it would be wise for those interested in this new and exciting metaverse to join the official waiting list of the project.

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