New Dystopian Sci-Fi NFT Series Launching Soon Feat. Aleks Paunovic

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‘Hawkeye’ star Aleks Paunovic will be the first star and co-executive producer of new Sci-Fi NFT series, GenZeroes. The series is set to launch exclusively on NFT design studio ‘House of Kibaa’ in March.

The GenZeroes world is set 200 years after an alien invasion has left earth in devastation, where ten factions are in conflict to control the future of humanity. The GenZeroes Universe will feature various projects which depict the ongoings in the dystopian world, including ten live action episodes, motion graphic comic books, and other collectible items.

To watch the GenZeroes series, viewers will need to purchase an NFT via the House of Kibaa website. There will be different NFTs for viewers to buy, each with their own level of ownership and set of perks. Through this scheme, fans choosing to purchase the NFT with the highest tier of ownership will be able to own a fractional portion of the series.

Paunovic, who is also known for his main role in ‘Van Helsing’, had this to say on the new endeavour: “There’s nothing more exciting than being an artist on an artist driven platform. This project is devoted to the sci-fi fandom and gives them an opportunity to be involved on so many levels. It’s an evolution in entertainment and I am excited to be working with House of Kibaa.”

In an effort to eventually broaden its audience, producers of GenZeroes are also negotiating plans for the series to become available on other platforms once it has finished its stint as a web-only exclusive on House of Kibaa.

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