Neutral Digital collaborates with KID to enter the metaverse

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Neutral Digital and KID-Systeme GmbH have partnered to launch an industry-first virtual showroom to showcase KID’s leading-edge products and innovation.

KID now uses interactive 3D elements to engage with customers in a fresh and unique way

KID now has a new, unique approach to engage with consumers and explain the value of their goods utilizing interactive 3D features thanks to Neutral Digital’s virtual showroom technology, which provides an immersive, virtual customer experience.

The showroom efficiently supports both virtual and in-person meetings for KID’s Sales & Marketing teams. Letting customers to engage with goods in their natural context — a future-ready airplane cabin.

KID-Head Systeme’s of Sales, Jan Moller, stated. “We were able to demonstrate our product innovation in a cost-effective and efficient manner thanks to Neutral’s showroom. Customers will be able to see and comprehend the underlying value in a lot more straightforward manner”. “It has had a beneficial influence on sales,” Moller remarked.

The virtual showroom provides businesses with a platform that allows them to exhibit their items holistically, when and how they want.

“We are happy to have KID as a crucial partner on our virtual showroom platform,” stated Christian Grou, Chief Creative Officer of Neutral Digital. Moreover, as Neutral Digital creates the metaverse for airlines and aerospace partners, we will continue to innovate.”

Neutral Digital

Neutral Digital helps organizations bridge the gap between physical and digital realities by using its experience in immersive content and technology such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and interactive 3D. Moreover, through more effective marketing and sales assistance, our unique solutions help maximize ROI.



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