Net Savings Link unveils partnership with Metaverse Network

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Net Savings Link, a crypto-currency, blockchain, and digital asset technology firm, has announced tokenomics for MNCN, its groundbreaking Metaverse Share Swap (SST) token. The token is a 50/50 collaboration between Metaverse Network LLC and the token.

As an allocation from the founders’ pool, Net Savings Link will get 7.5% of the total tokens produced. With a significant chunk going to NSAV’s previously stated share repurchase program. The fully diluted market capitalization of NSAV’s MNCN SST token will be $380 million.

Last month, NSAV and Metaverse Network announced the debut of MetaFi. It is the world’s first combined DeFi-GameFi application that allows users to play and win using algorithmic solutions. MetaFi is a finance site where users can get not only enjoyment but also benefits for participating.

These prizes are transferable and can be used in a variety of third-party Blockchain DApps. MetaFi users do not need to be concerned about their identify being revealed.

After revealing a revolutionary staking and evolution system that brings a game-like approach to the crypto-currency market, GameFi aims to be an industry game-changer.

De-Fi-GameFi, a joint venture between NSAV and Metaverse Network LLC, will go public in New York in the first quarter of 2022.

NSAV stated last week that it has agreed to buy a 10% share in crypto-currency exchange BQEX. Metaverse Network LLC owns and operates the BQEX exchange, which has over 4 million registered members.


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