Nestlé Launch ‘TRIX Globe’ NFT Collection for Charity

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The inclusion of physical collectibles in cereal boxes seems to have become a thing of the past, however, with the help of blockchain technology, Nestlé, who are the masterminds behind breakfast wonders such as Shreddies, Cheerios, and Shredded Wheat (as well as an array of other food and beverage brands), is digitally reimagining the concept by launching a pair of exclusive NFTs. The endeavour, which will be the company’s first foray into NFTs, will see all of its proceeds go to the Emirates Red Crescent charity. 

The two-part TRIX Globe NFT collection is inspired by the launch of Nestlé’s TRIX cereal brand in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA), meaning the NFTs are part of a narrative which involves the brand’s rabbit mascot hunting for the world’s fruitiest cereals whilst exploring Dubai for the first time. With such premise in mind, both NFTs feature an identical snow globe-inspired aesthetic, with each also sporting a red silhouette of Dubai’s one-of-a-kind Museum of the Future skyline. 

The NFTs are both on sale now (with each having bids of 0.35 ETH at the time of writing), however one of the auctions will end on May 5th, whilst the other will end on May 13th. 

Emilien Mesquida, who is a Business Executive Officer at Nestlé within the MENA region, commented on the project: “In line with our promise for ‘Better Lives,’ we are proud to launch the first blockchain based initiative in the region aimed towards a humanitarian cause with full proceeds of the TRIX NFTs auction going to the Emirates Red Crescent”.

Check out the collection >> Here 


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