NEAR Resurrects the Alexandria Library in the Voxels Metaverse

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2,000 years ago, the great library of Alexandria met a fiery end at the hands of belligerent despot, Julius Caesar. Now, many centuries later, the NEAR Protocol has resurrected its ethos to build a brand-new educational facility in the Voxels metaverse.

Within its freshly minted voxel walls, learned types will find rows of mighty tomes, many of which represent NFTs linked to genuine learning materials on the Web. Folks with a thirst for knowledge can feed their appetite by learning all there is to know about NEAR and its grand plans.

Those venturing further, will find a useful interface for interacting with the NEAR ecosystem, while also passing through a non-functional computer lab, before reaching a rooftop party venue complete with bar, stylish rug, and large screen display!

The @NEARProtocol ALEXANDRIA LIBRARY grand opening by @___Philosopher_

Books are flying off the shelves!

Can you help? Play the mini game and earn an #NFT

DJing by @Tipyourdjdoteth

Starting now:

— Voxels (@cryptovoxels) August 30, 2022

Furthermore, to get the NEAR dream off to a roaring start, the team has laid on a cryptic mini game. Therefore, visitors following the clues to unlock a secret hidden area can save the realm, and earn a tasty NEAR NFT for their troubles.

Hopefully, due to its immutable nature on the blockchain, this new Alexandria library will not meet the same charred end as its predecessor. However, with the pyromaniacal streak present within the Voxels team, don’t rule it out just yet!

Head to the Near Alexandria Library in Voxels >> Here


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