Natural Warp Induces Sensory Overload with the 360° Nfinity Project

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Highly talented provocative digital artist, Natural Warp, sits on the cusp of psychedelic greatness as the world awaits the launch of the 360° Nfinity project. A kaleidoscopic exploration of the invisible connections that make up each and every individual moment.

Through this grandiose NFT collection, Natural Warp will release 888 stunningly technicolour artworks. Each in itself, a single facet of a much larger creation designed for viewing from the inside, in glorious VR, while creating a wondrous, thought-provoking environment to electrify the senses.

This magnificent set of designs, pulled from the digital abyss, celebrates the mesmerizing pattern of interconnected ideas, worlds and feelings that coexist imperceptibly at any given time, but remain in themselves indescribable and ever out of reach.

In exactly 11 days the ∞ 360° Nfinity ∞ blueprint project will launch into presale mode at @AsyncArt

👁️ Public minting will go live next day 👁️
👁️ March 8th at 9am PST / 6pm CET 👁️

This article will tell you what it’s all about :

— Natural Warp│#360NFT 🕳️🐇 👁️🌐 (@Natural_Warp) February 24, 2022

Avid collectors can acquire one of these prismatic masterpieces via the Async Art platform next month. So, to get a piece of this psychedelic action, whitelist members can get minting at 9am PST on March 7, while the public sale will begin a full 24 hours later. Head to Async Art right now however, to check whitelist eligibility.

Head to the drop >> Here


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