Mythical Games’ Nitro Nation World Tour Hits iOS and Android – NFT Plazas

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NFT gaming has taken another massive stride forwards as Mythical Games latest title, Nitro Nation World Tour (NNWT), has launched on both iOS and Android. As a result, players can now test their mettle on the drag strip by fine tuning their NFT cars and garages.

Within the free to play game, participants can take control of a number of officially licensed car brands and compete on the track in a series of drag races. These come in the shape of top manufacturers such as Lotus, Aston Martin, jaguar, Volkswagen, Subaru and more. While, players can also hone both their cars and garages, which they can also acquire as NFTs, as they look to improve their performance on the track.

Like its predecessors, NNWT will feature drag racing gameplay that will allow players to compete against each other as well as a solo campaign mode. However, this time around, players can choose to mint their gaming components on the Mythos Blockchain.

Taking a leaf out of its own NFL Rivals book, however, Mythical Games has made NFT ownership purely optional. Effectively looking to appease all markets by producing a traditional style platform that will allow users to engage with Web3 should they wish to do so.

Suit up & rev your engines! 🏎️💨 The Nitro Nation – World Tour has officially started!

Download the game now!


— Nitro Nation World Tour (@NitroNationTour) October 5, 2023

Mythical Games Turns up the Heat as the Market Cools

Over the course of 2023, Mythical Games has made huge moves in the NFT market, effectively perfecting the blend between Web2 and Web3 gaming. It kicked off its momentum with the release of NFL Rivals back in April, which also keeps its NFTs purely optional. Since then, it has garnered well over 2 million downloads and has become one of the most popular American Football games on the market.

Not stopping there, however, Mythical Games has also announced that its flagship blockchain title, Blankos Block Party, will move over to the mobile gaming market. Meanwhile, the hugely popular Nitro Nation franchise has just completed its bold move into the Mythical Games infrastructure.

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