Mythical Games Goes Full Throttle for Upcoming Nitro Nation NFTs

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Web3 hot property, Mythical Games, has announced an exciting move into the competitive world of virtual motorsport. It has now partnered up with CM Games to bring NFT ownership to the ‘Nitro Nation’ racing franchise.

Through the magnificent collaboration, Mythical Games will drop NFT cars and workshops into the latest title. As a result, cars will allow gamers to get down and dirty in frantic PVP races, high octane duels and turbo-charged events, while workshops will open up vehicle lending and amazing co-op bonuses.

🏁@NitroNationTour 🏁 is joining the Mythical Games ecosystem! Click the link below to learn more about the game. Will you be the first to cross the finish line?

— Mythical Games (@playmythical) October 26, 2022

The first workshops will arrive in Q3, and come complete with beta access and a founder’s pack. It will be closely followed in 2023 by the arrival of a wide range of NFT cars featuring some of the biggest names in motorsport, with the likes of Lotus, Pagani, Shelby, Jaguar and KTM already partnered with the project.

This comes as huge news from Mythical, as Nitro Nation has a massive following in the mobile gaming market. As a result, seeing over 50 million registered downloads, coupled with almost 1.6 million mostly positive reviews. Therefore, looking almost certain to emulate the success of Mythical Games flagship title, the raucous Blankos Block Party.

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