MyMetaverse Doubles Down to Show Mojang Studios a Better Way

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Despite Mojang Studios widely publicized condemnation of the technology, Web3 gaming platform, MyMetaverse has incorporated NFTs into its Minecraft servers. They believe this is a way to incorporate the controversial tech without violating the platform’s recently updated terms and conditions.

Built on the Enjin framework and using the Polkadot architecture, MyMetaverse has grand plans to unite the gaming infrastructure. Essentially, building out a fleet of titles that share a common set of functional NFTs and bring about interoperability between a huge range of metaverses.

Through its latest roll out, MyMetaverse has launched a series of in-game assets that transcend the games running on its servers. As such, a single NFT in a wallet can manifest as a car in GTA5, a sword in Minecraft, or a virtual home in its home-grown platform, Infinity Realms.

In order to circumvent Minecraft’s joy-stifling stance on Web3 projects, the team has ensured that the tokens hold no financial value. Therefore, the core NFTs will remain 100% free to earn, and will not reduce gaming to a ‘pay to win’ model. Therefore, demonstrating to the gaming goliath how they can incorporate NFTs without detracting from the user’s experience.

So far, Mojang Studios has not commented on this latest development. However, both Enjin and MyMetaverse remain keen to open dialogue with the Microsoft-owned company.

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