My Pet Hooligan Goes Alpha

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Chaotic realm of unruly rabbits, My Pet Hooligan, has finally launched its much-touted immersive multiplayer experience. Thereby, giving token holders a first glimpse of what lurks down the now infamous ‘Rabbit Hole’.

The amazing launch sees My Pet Hooligan cross into its hugely anticipated Alpha v1.1 release, building on the work of its previous phase with more weapons, more maps, and fewer bugs. This is the first real indication of how this vast Rabbit-fuelled metaverse will eventually unfold.

Alpha v1.1 drops this Friday – 19/08!

More fun, more weapons, more Hooligans!.. who’s ready?

👇 All gameplay footage 🚫🧢

— My Pet Hooligan (@mypethooligan) August 14, 2022

To access the magnificent new realm, interested parties must hold either a My Pet Hooligan NFT, or a participating partner project. Then, they can engage with the immersive ecosystem to their heart’s content. As a result, supreme anarchists can enter into a world of calculated, pre-meditated violence and cause destruction and mayhem on the most entertaining scale possible.

Going forward, My Pet Hooligan will continue to fine tune its impressive platform, already hinting at upgrades to the character controls, as well as upgraded combat and a host of social media style communication options. All the while, continually dialling up that all important pandemonium factor.

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