My Crypto Heroes Partners with ForN for Release of New F2P Ecosystem

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Ethereum-based role-playing battle game My Crypto Heroes (MCH) has partnered with ForN. The partnership will aid in the marketing endeavours behind MCH’s new, entry-level and free-to-play gaming ecosystem, ‘My Crypto Heroes- Rays Mining’.

The launch of ‘My Crypto Heroes- Rays Mining’ is scheduled for early January 2022, with MCH hoping that its partnership with ForN, a company which specializes in marketing, community, and media activities for blockchain games, will increase the appeal and encouragement for new players and scholarships to get involved in MCH’s DAO community.

‘My Crypto Heroes- Rays Mining’ is a smaller ecosystem that will act as introductory content to MCH’s mainstream gaming ecosystem. It will incorporate the mainstream ecosystem’s battle system, user interface, and other features, meaning new players can get to grips with the MCH gaming mechanics, to further enable them to smoothly transition and connect with the mainstream ecosystem once they are ready.

MCH launched in November 2018 and has established its in-game ecosystem around three types of NFTs- Hero, Extension, and Land, as well as its own governance coin, MCH Coin. With an expected surge in value of Hero NFTs because of their supply discontinuation as of January 11th 2022, the new free-to-play, newcomer-friendly ecosystem will also allow new players to enter the MCH gaming community without any high upfront costs or barriers to entry. The ‘My Crypto Heroes- Rays Mining’ ecosystem will in fact be centred around an unlimited supply of Soul NFTs and Rays FTs, where NFT holders can lend NFTs to users all over the world and share their profits.

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