Music Streaming Service QQ Music Receives NFT Treatment

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Chinese technology and entertainment conglomerate Tencent has announced that it has began testing NFT profile picture (PFP) avatars, as well as a virtual ‘Music Zone’ in the QQ Music app. Although geo-restricted to only allow Chinese citizens to use it, the QQ Music app’s blockchain endeavors became available to the Android-adopting portion of its 220 million users on Monday.

The PFP NFT facet of the endeavor involves the launch of 40,000 digital collectibles on July 6th, which Chinese users will be able to purchase for only 0.88 Yuan (or $0.13 cents) apiece. The mass collection will be minted on Tencent’s own Zhixin blockchain, with each asset being a two dimensional, stick-man like drawing of a virtual, music-loving character.

Through ownership of one of these NFTs, QQ Music users will be able to invite their friends’ avatars to a newly developed, metaverse-esque virtual room called the ‘Music Zone,’ where from there, they can enjoy listening to music together from the comfort of their own respective homes.

For Western readers wondering what the significance of the endeavor is, QQ Music owns not only the Tencent conglomerate, but also the streaming service we’ve all come to love, Spotify. The company is on course to increasing the user base of its namesake music app by over three-fold to 700 million, meaning that if its NFT ball sticks, digital asset adoption across the Asian continent (especially within the realm of music streaming) may increase significantly.


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