Muse Launches 1000 NFT Editions for Upcoming Album

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British rock band Muse will make music and Web3 history later this month when it launches its ninth studio album ‘Will of the People’. In addition to its standard edition, the album will also be released via NFT versions, which will ultimately signal the first-ever time in which an NFT album will feature on the UK and Australian charts. 

The NFT versions of the album will be available for purchase on music NFT platform Serenade on August 26th, the day of the album’s official launch. Each will cost £20 to mint, however they will be limited to a global supply of 1,000 copies. To ensure that the offering is as inclusive as it can be, buyers won’t necessarily be required to possess a crypto wallet in order to make a purchase, as one can be automatically created after a transaction is made. 

In making a purchase, buyers will receive a downloadable version of the album which comes as high-resolution FLAC files (whilst also being complete with a distinct digital sleeve). The digital album will also come with digital signatures of the band members, and each of the 1,000 buyers will have their names permanently listed on the album’s linked roster of purchasers.

Although the UK’s Official Charts Company (OCC) made NFT albums eligible for the charts several months ago, this will be the first instance wherein the vendor, who in this case is Serenade, is recognized as an approved chart-return digital retailer. Of course, this is undoubtedly significant in principle, however the endeavor’s relatively minuscule 1,000 supply level will mean that it won’t necessarily have any bearing on the album’s chart performance as a whole.


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