Move Over Bored Apes, it’s Time for Seneca to Take Centre Stage

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It must be a strange sensation to Google your own art and find out you’re responsible for the hottest property in the NFT space. So, it occurred when Seneca, lead artist for the Bored Yacht Ape Club, decided to see how that monkey commission was doing.

Back then, the esteemed capturer of existential boredom new little to nothing of the NFT industry. The simian imagery just another illustration contract for just another client. Since its meteoric rise through the NFT sphere however, Seneca has received very little credit for her work. Despite being the driving force behind the Apes and their trademark nonchalance.

If Seneca had known what would transpire, tighter contracts and royalty payments would all have been negotiated. As it stands, what she has come away with is far more valuable, it’s the stone-cold proof that she has what it takes to dominate the industry.

I think more than anything, my biggest win out of beginning my web3 life is just having the chance to meet such able and talented people I wouldn’t have otherwise crossed paths with. I have so much to learn and honestly just happy to be here to contribute art 🥂

— ෴෴෴סּ ͝סּ ͝סּ ͝ ˢᵉⁿᵉᶜᵃ (@allseeingseneca) May 2, 2022

Now however, a full year has passed since the iconic collection arrived on the blockchain. Throughout that time, Seneca has discovered her artwork has become a sensation, and since then learned to embrace the non-fungible and turn it into a lucrative opportunity on her own terms.

So, with this in mind, the first four all-Seneca NFTs made their way to the Art Basel event back in December. Four exceptional pieces that demonstrate far more artistic merit than 10k cartoon monkeys ever could. Through the depictions within, the artist calls upon a hypnotic range of colours, channelling her inner Alice to convey vivid emotions through the medium of psychedelia.

Now, Seneca continues her non-fungible journey, and thanks to the sale of her first four NFTs has the funds to sustain her while she creates. So, heading into the second year her designs have circulated the NFT domain, we can expect more of her visionary style to permeate the blockchain.

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