More Drama After Cancellation of Sotheby’s CryptoPunk NFT Auction

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As reported earlier this month, Sotheby’s auction house have been preparing to host the ‘Punk It!’ Sale, which would’ve seen 104 CryptoPunk NFTs go up for grabs come February 18th. However, despite the relatively concrete plans being set in place, hopeful buyers and the community in general have been left in a state of shock after the sole owner of the digital assets decided to pull-out of the arrangement at the last minute. 

To personally announce their self-described rugging, the pseudonymous collector 0x650d took to Twitter, where they nonchalantly tweeted in response to the initial ‘Punk It!’ announcement ‘nvm, decided to hodl,’ as well a contextualised version of an iconic Drake meme which pokes fun at the chaos they had caused.

In response, RugRadio founder Farokh has called out the conniving Punk owner, by saying: “Bro you suck stop acting like you rugged Sotheby’s lmao you made everyone look stupid. Even the press here is laughing at us because of you stop hiding the guilt behind dumb ass memes”. 

Although 0x650d’s decision to pull out of the mass Punk offering remains largely unknown, a tweet they made (which is now deleted) which reads ‘sEe wHO’s dUmb eNouGh TO PAY the AUcTIon HouSE pREMIuM’ may hold some explanatory value.

Irrespective of their reasoning, many say 0x650d’s conduct prior to the pull out was pure trolling, as well as offensive to all of those involved in the auction. And further, with regards to the complete lack of repercussions that will come their way for such behaviour, it is also perhaps and example of the chaotic underlings of NFT culture at present.

We would never expect such atrocity to occur within a traditional auction setting, the ‘Punk It!’ ‘rug’ may merely stand as an ill reminder as to what this wild-west-like ecosystem can sometimes render.

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