Moonbirds NFT Moves to a CC0 Public License – NFT Plazas

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Kevin Rose, the founder of Moonbirds NFT, has announced that the project will be moving to a CC0 (Creative Commons) public license. What this essentially means is that anyone can now freely use Moonbirds NFT art without any copyright restrictions.

The move, which is leveraging the form of copyright’s functionalities in allowing creators to waive legal interest in their work and move it as far as possible into the public domain, also involves Oddities NFTs.

In the announcement, Rose also unveiled plans for the formation of a Moonbirds DAO, which will primarily oversee the general licensing of the Moonbirds and Oddities trademarks. The DAO will also handle any issues involving scams and hate speech within the Moonbirds community. 

These developments will see the project’s terms of services (which can be viewed on its website) change within the next few days. Community members will also have more opportunities to learn about the project’s plans through scheduled Q&A sessions which will take place via Twitter Spaces. 

Moonbirds and Oddities aren’t alone in their moves to CC0, as crypto artist XCOPY has announced that they will be retroactively applying CC0 for all of their existing art, whilst NFT creators Deca and Grant Yun have implemented similar policies. Fellow hit NFT project Goblintown also famously launched as CC0.


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