Mobile Game Maker Jam City Lands on the Blockchain

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Mobile gaming powerhouse, Jam City, has revealed a whole host of blockchain-based ambitions. And therefore, created a WEB3-specific gaming division, and is preparing for its first-ever play-to-earn launch.

For its initial taste of the NFT market, Jam City is developing Champions: Ascension. A high-fantasy gladiatorial adventure set in the realm of Massina. Where god-like characters battle against a range of hideous magical foes. Then brutally forge the bones of their defeated enemies into weapons and armour.

Gaming mechanics will feature a play-to-earn system, where gamers send their NFT powered avatars into the arena. While later development is earmarked for a full metaverse rollout. Wherein, Jam City will flesh out the Champions: Ascension universe, and introduce staking and minting and trading

Ahead of the launch, Jam City is preparing for a limited run drop of “Prime Eternal” NFTs. A set of fully playable, in-game characters which will provide added utility to early investors in the platform. And therefore, represent the highest tier of asset within the game.

Jam City has seen enormous success within the mobile market, with a current portfolio of 31 million active users. And a grand total of 1.3 billion downloads since its inception in 2010. Now, Jam City will now try to replicate this success on the blockchain. And therefore usher in a new era for the company.


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