Mittaria to Usher in Game Changing Animation-Themed Metaverse

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Ever since the first animated picture arrived over 100 years ago, the world has remained captivated by the magic contained within the medium’s intricate frames, drawing wonder and awe with a mesmerizing ability to display anything the human mind can imagine. Over recent years however, animators have seen themselves increasingly at the mercy of large studios, where the process has become so difficult and complicated a single creator can find it difficult to make an impact.

Now, thanks to the powerful inclusion of blockchain technology, the tide has begun to shift. A new global coalition of creators and animation enthusiasts has started to gain traction in the Web3 realm. The result sees the dawn of the Mittaria Metaverse, an all-encompassing world with a mind to transform animation for the independent creators. Therefore, increasing the accessibility for individuals to become involved with large scale projects, regardless of physical location.

Mittaria will encompass NFT membership through a highly detailed set of tokenized collectables, while also relying on non-fungible tokens to provide immutably verifiable ownership to creative content, allowing animative collaborations on the grandest of possible scales.

The Mitria Genesis Drop

To start off its non-fungible odyssey, Mittaria will launch 2,222 exquisite Mitria NFTs, created with love by a team of highly talented professional artists and animators. The generative collection of hand-drawn images will melt even the coldest of hearts, all featuring the image of the kindly spirit Mitria, who exists solely to spread quiet serene joy to all those that encounter her angelic presence.

Those in possession of a Mitria NFT will unlock a wide range of superb holder benefits, such as access to the Mittaria ecosystem, priority minting for future drops and platform merchandise, earning coins and rewards, and gaining access to a VIP Discord channel.

The first NFTs will arrive soon via a blind drop, with the images contained revealed shortly after.

A Long Roadmap Ahead

As the platform continues to develop, supporters will receive an ever-increasing array of interactive opportunities, with a well thought out roadmap seeing Mittaria pushing new boundaries way into the future. During the upcoming second phase of development fans will get to grips with both the Mitria Genesis and Looking for Gods NFT collections. Then, followed later by the token generation event, De-Fi capabilities, two more NFT collections and the first ever IRL event.

Further down the line, users will see the project blossom into a grand social media style metaverse where artists and animation enthusiasts can hang out, share ideas and ultimately engage in a wealth of exciting new projects. Essentially, providing a vast collection of skills and knowledge where creators can work together to build out animated films and show of the highest calibre. Small independent developers will have the opportunity to leverage their collective might in order to compete with the big guns.

The world of animated storytelling may never be the same again.

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