Mexico Beckons as Patron Brings its Tequila to Decentraland

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As the summer season gets into full swing, it was only a matter of time before tequila made another appearance in the metaverse. Now, purveyor of high-quality agave spirit, Patron, will strut its stuff in Decentraland, bringing with it, a fine opportunity to win an all-expenses trip to Mexico.

Through its fine ‘Summer Made Sensational’ initiative, Patron will launch three cocktail themed pop-up destinations in the venerable metaverse, each featuring its own unique challenges for Decentraland denizens to complete and unlock. It will be available from August 19-21.

A trip to @decentraland could win you a trip to Mexico. Explore Summer Made Sensational & complete quests for a chance at exclusive prizes (while supplies last), 8/12-14.

NoPurNec.21+VoidWhereProhib. Rules @ Open 8/12-14 & 8/19-21

— Patrón Tequila (@Patron) August 12, 2022

Each destination arrives inspired by a different tequila-based cocktail recipe. Therefore, manifesting as Silver & Soda, Perfect Paloma, and the famed Añejo Highball. At each destination, would-be drinks mixers can complete a quest and earn a badge, which in turn will unlock a set of stylish wearables.

Anyone with the guile and substance to complete all three quests, can enter into a magnificent draw. The result of which will see a lucky winner plus a designated friend sent on an amazing trip to Mexico where they will experience a once in a lifetime 5-star trip to the incredible picturesque peninsula of Punta Mita, additionally coupled with the grandest of all prizes, a mythic Decentraland wearable!

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