Metrovacesa is offering metaverse real estate in Spain

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Metrovacesa, a leading real estate developer with more than 100 years of history in Spain, is entering the metaverse with their project “Málaga Towers”.

Metaverses, or digital worlds, have been popular since Facebook got “Meta” in October of 2021. In Decentraland, a digital land was auctioned for $2.4 million in November 2021. The first “metaverse mortgages” arrived last week.


Metrovacesa announced a partnership with the Spanish startup Datacasas Proptech

Today, Metrovacesa, one of Spain’s largest real estate developers, launched a partnership with Datacasas Proptech, a Spanish business. Thus, to advertise their new physical project “Málaga Towers” in Málaga, Spain, entirely digitally in Decentraland.

Anyone can access the metaverse, and a virtual salesperson will be available to walk them around the project using films, images, and 3D models, and they will be able to acquire the tangible real estate asset through a digital experience.

This Is Not the First Time Metrovacesa Has Applied Blockchain Technology

According to the statement, the Spanish real estate developer began adopting blockchain technology four years ago.

It includes asset tokenization, the ability to track development milestones, the use of blockchain in conjunction with BIM methodology, certification of its DOMUM sustainable commitment, and the tokenization of a crowdlending loan.

Metrovacesa will be able to learn about the various applications of blockchain technology in the metaverse as a result of this relationship.

Indeed, this establishes Metrovacesa as a forerunner in Spain’s real estate industry in terms of adopting modern technology.

About Málaga Towers

Málaga Towers consists of two 20-story luxury apartment complexes, “Málaga Towers Living” and “Málaga Towers Vision,” positioned in front of the sea.

The “Málaga Towers Living” consists of 71 units ranging in size from one to four bedrooms and starting at €1,318,000. Three swimming pools, a movie theater, a gym, a spa, and a playroom will be included in the structure.

The “Málaga Towers Vision” consists of 73 flats ranging in size from one to four bedrooms and starting at €698,000. Three swimming pools, a gym, a co-working area, a spa, and a playroom will be available in the building.


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