MetaXSeed makes its entry into the metaverse and NFT ecosystem

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MetaXSeed team announces the introduction of its decentralized Game Studio and Launchpad, as it attempts to redefine the blockchain gaming space.

MetaXSeed’s focus is on a mix of AAA and independent games, as well as gaming wearables and infrastructure. The project will utilize $XSEED (Games Studio, Launchpad, Incubator, NFTs) as well as $METAX.


Game Studio

Incubated games will be able to choose the level of incubation that best suits their demands in a sophisticated factory system for excellent games. Games infrastructure modules for scalability, security, and performance will be available to game creators. A team of game developers and 2D/3D artists will also be on hand to help bring the concept to life. $XSEED token holders will receive free airdrops of the new games in proportion to their holdings in exchange for incubation.

Gamers will be able to repurpose modules and components of the gaming code and 3D models. In order to ensure the integrity of the platform and games, we will audit them on a regular basis.

There are three games currently under development with many more in the pipeline.

Third-person medieval metaverse game Game of Thrones-inspired Age of Dragons takes the player to a realm controlled by dragons.

Block Football Manager is a football management game similar to the popular football manager franchise. We will use the blockchain hash to generate new players at random, making everyone unique.

ChainSki will be a ski resort in the icy entertainment district of NetVrk. A large plot of land has already been purchased, and negotiations with NetVrk to begin construction are underway. This project will provide an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the integration of VR wearables. The advertising income collected within the ski resort will also be redistributed to holders.

MetaXSeed will have a launchpad focused on play-to-earn games

MetaXSeed will include a launchpad dedicated to play-to-earn games and the metaverse in addition to a games studio. MetaXSeed’s core expertise, reusable SDKs, and library of digital assets can help game developers get their games out to the public faster and more affordably.

MetaXSeed will only support play2Earn games related tokens


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