Metaverse: $URGO Token experienced record sales under a week

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GOmetalaunch Utility token, $URGO Token Seed Sale is live now, with 30% of the 200,000,000 allocated tokens for seed sales already sold in a space of 6 days.

GOmetalaunch is the first Metaverse IDO Launchpad on the Cardano Blockchain. In addition totally dedicated to launching Cardano Metaverse projects. And Play to Earn NFT Projects on the Cardano Blockchain as well as other blockchains such as Binance and Ethereum.


The Vision For The Future

As recently observed with the three largest businesses in the world (Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple) investing in the Metaverse. The Gometalaunch team believes that metaverse is the future of the internet and human connections. Moreover thus seeks to bring people closer to the new trending world.

As a $URGO token holder and community member, GOmetalaunch will provide you with the opportunity to be among the first and earliest pioneers of the future by giving you access to the initial Metaverse projects that will serve as the Metaverse’s building blocks.

$URGO Token Features

To gain rewards, you can stake $URGO tokens or delegate them to a staking pool. You can trade $URGO against USDT and ADA once it is listed on an exchange. You can also exchange your $URGO Tokens for ADA or USDT.

$URGO tokens will serve as your entry point into the GOmetalaunch Ecosystem’s governance and decision-making process. Moreover the more tokens you have, the greater the weight of your decision in ecosystem governance.

You will also have unique access to the greatest Metaverse and Hottest Metaverse projects and features as a $URGO token holder. You will be able to access exclusive NFT skins and collectibles in the Metaverse if you own a $URGO Token.

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