Metaverse Summit is set to take place in February

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The world’s largest open-source metaverse, Decentraland, will host the first two-day Metaverse Summit on February 10, 2022. The summit will bring together a diverse group of professionals, visionaries, thought leaders, developers, and others. The aim is to educate the public about metaverse and explain how it should develop in the future.

One of the summit’s primary goals is to promote a positive, decentralized, and sustainable future. As well as to assist industry participants in understanding the technologies and capitalizing on opportunities for growth, development, and value in the metaverse. As well as discussing metaverse-related industries and technologies.

The metaverse has piqued the interest of engineers, educators, investors, and others, yet no one knows where we are going. The Metaverse Summit’s goal is to pave the way for others to follow. It is hosted by GDA Capital, a financial technology firm that assists institutional investors and companies in bridging the gap between traditional capital markets and new, innovative, and disruptive technologies such as blockchain, crypto-currencies, fintechs, and NFTs.

Concerning the Summit.

The summit will address a wide range of issues, including music, entertainment, education, and gaming. As well as P2E, virtual real estate investing, NFTs, digital art, and new technologies.

The event will include keynotes where professionals from many sectors will gather to exchange ideas with others in the industry. As well as opportunities for individuals and companies working on the future of technology to meet and explore potential collaborations.

The summit will kick off with sessions focused on some of the most disruptive developments in the metaverse. These include virtual real estate property ownership, play-to-earn as a next-generation gaming paradigm. As well as comprehending metaverse interoperability, digital fashion, and NFT wearables.

Michael Gord, CEO of GDA Capital, Lorne Sugarman, CEO of Metaverse Group, and Andrew Kiguel, CEO of, are among the keynote speakers. Other speakers include famous digital artist Krista Kim, best known for designing Mars House, singer-songwriter Karl Wolf, and Hrish Lotlikar, CEO of SuperWorld.


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