Metaverse: Queen Mary students attend their first VR lecture

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Professor Shafi Ahmed delivered a talk on the realm of virtual reality (VR) to Queen Mary medical students. The lecture is to be the first in the metaverse in the United Kingdom and could be an important tool for training future doctors, nurses, and surgeons.

According to Professor Ahmed, the metaverse has numerous significant advantages over traditional online schooling. Students can now mimic activities that were previously only feasible in person, which has the potential to revolutionize education.

The metaverse is a 3D virtual world in which users construct avatars of themselves in order to share spaces, cooperate, and participate in real-world activities.

According to Professor Ahmed, a surgeon and senior lecturer in surgery at Queen Mary University of London; “This signals a fundamental shift in the way we may deliver education, especially when there is a practical component, such as in medical courses. Future education will rely on hybrid learning platforms.

Generating 3D anatomical model.

“A 3D environment allows us to generate 3D materials, such as an anatomical model,”. “It allows to interact with one another, which is plainly not achievable with Zoom or Teams. For example, we can use VR to imitate a real-life medical procedure. Which can be a very beneficial technology for training tomorrow’s doctors and surgeons”.

“Of course, face-to-face instruction brings the most value, but we are definitely seeing a shift in how education can be provided and enhanced with technology at our fingertips.” And, with more immersive learning opportunities employing virtual reality being deployed across the country, there is evidence to suggest that these types of opportunities are here to stay.”

“I’m always proud to see truly innovative education here at Queen Mary,”. “Teaching students inside a 3D world is a fantastic example of how we’re constantly eager to experiment”. “As well as giving our students the best learning experience,” said Stephanie Marshall, VP at Queen Mary University of London.


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