Metaverse: Metap is a newly created AI community game

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Metap is a new form of playable metaverse system that is fully dependent on artificial intelligence. It’s a project aiming to have a big impact on the metaverse game industry, both on mobile and on PC.

There will be a large-scale AI-based cloning mechanism in the game itself. Individuals from different planets in the metaverse can speak, create, and trade with each other, and players can build and travel between AI-administered worlds. Metaverse Land and Metaverse systems and accessories will also be available for purchase through the NFT, which Metap users can look forward to.

“Metap is a new AI be a fully multiplayer online game available on both mobile and desktop platforms. There is also no risk of development with this game because a “beta version” with AI capability is currently accessible. This is also the first playable metaverse with AI elements in AAA graphics”.

Furthermore, the game will include a variety of worlds and towns. There will be various systems of government in each globe. Players will also have the option of joining the leadership team, which will need the use of NFTs. Metap’s trade functions will be at the highest level possible, with the crafting and construction system providing further support.

The team includes leaders in the game development and blockchain industries.

Future Accomplishments and Objectives

CoinSale, StarFi, DAOStarter, Smaugsnft, iXiRSwap, Gainpool, and Eraxnft are among Metap’s partners. The team’s greatest achievements to date have been their work on game development and the establishment of the burgeoning Metap community.

In terms of long-term objectives, the team plans to release a playable demo 1-2 months after launch, as well as a full version in 3-6 months. They’ll also work on the Metap NFT market and the game’s economic structure. All of this will be completed in three months. A staking mechanism will also be created, and everything will be available in the playable demo soon.


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