Metaverse: LocoMeta is a new NFT-focused game

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LocoMeta is excited to announce the launch of their blockchain-based Metaverse game centered on NFTs, staking, and farming. Users can earn LOCO tokens (in the LocoMeta universe) by purchasing various NFTs in this feature-rich game. The game is notable for its use of Binance’s Smart Chain. It works with Web3 wallets like Trust Wallet, which users may utilize for transactions and gas payments.

LocoMeta strives to be the blockchain’s most creative Metaverse game. It provides its players with the ability to enjoy being a part of an endless universe, the excitement of strategic gaming, and the possibility to earn LOCO tokens.


LocoMeta, according to the website, is a game in which a train goes around the Metaverse cosmos to the end of the planet. The team intends to carry it out between 2024 and 2025.

NFT tokens are extremely dynamic, practical, and functional in the LocoMeta universe. Unlike many NFTs in the existing crypto realm, which are solely collectibles or “pieces of art,” NFTs under the LocoMetaNFT Framework have numerous applications.

NFT tokens can be exported from the game world and sold or traded on third-party websites. LOCO NFTs, on the other hand, are used in the LocoMeta universe for practical purposes.

The NFT of the ticket indicates the quantity of your daily production. Purchasing a ticket allows you to begin construction of your car. The NFT seats, on the other hand, denote the day of distribution. If you do not own a seat, your distribution day begins at 60 days. You can also shorten your distribution day by purchasing a seat.

Finally, the most important component of a train is the NFT machinist. LocoMeta intended to give the machinist NFT a good meaning here. The faster you travel, the better your motorman becomes. It allows you to shorten the amount of days and manufacture LOCO more quickly.


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