Metaverse: Influencer marketing firm IZEA is pushing into the digital world

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IZEA, a leading provider of influencer marketing technology, data, and services, today announced the formation of MetaMod. It is a specialized team that will take advantage of IZEA’s capabilities, relationships, network of creators, and experience. Combined, they are to bring sponsored collaborations to the metaverse.

The new service takes advantage of IZEA’s enormous influencer network, allowing companies to collaborate with influencers on popular gaming platforms. As well as artists on NFT marketplaces.

IZEA is a marketing technology firm that enables companies to interact and transact with today’s top content creators.

“We’ve worked with forward-thinking brands to execute new sorts of influencer sponsorships and online experiences on platforms outside of traditional social media channels over the past year,” Ted Murphy, president and CEO of IZEA, stated. “We’re going beyond TikTok and Instagram to platforms like Fortnite, Roblox, Minecraft, and Horizon Worlds by Meta, which best embody the future of the metaverse. We’ve already worked with metavers on projects ranging from in-game players wearing sponsored virtual T-shirts to viewing parties and platform challenges.”

IZEA pioneered augmented reality product placement in influencer marketing in 2017, when it used IZEAx to offer virtual products to influencers in exchange for images and videos.

Since then, the company partnered with a major social medias to promote the adoption of branded AR lenses via influencers. In the metaverse, augmented reality, virtual reality, crypto-currencies, and blockchain technology will converge.

IZEA recently appointed Ross Yellowlees as director of developing markets to help influencers find the possibilities in the metaverse. Since then, IZEA has hired Rob Crumpler as a senior client partner in charge of the blockchain industry. Moreover, the company is in the process of hiring more employees to help the brand’s customers. In addition, during 2022, IZEA’s technological platforms will improve support for metaverse partnerships and measurement.


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