Metaverse: Heavy marketing strategies from mobile apps

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According to recent Sensor Tower data, 552 mobile applications now incorporate the term “metaverse” in their title or description. With the hopes of piquing consumers’ interest in this next generation of the web. According to the business, several of these new apps have been added in recent months.

According to Sensor Tower data, 86 apps made allusions to the “metaverse” in their title or description between November 2021 and January 2022. Out of all apps ranked globally on the App Store and Google Play.

This phase comes after Facebook announced its name change to “Meta” and its aim to invest extensively in “metaverse” technology over the next decade. While Facebook, now Meta, never claimed to have created it, the term swiftly became much more loosely applied to nearly any immersive online environment in which users interact with each other as virtual individuals.

Startups began referring to themselves as metaverse businesses. Roblox, a game site, has been dubbed a pioneer. Crypto social networks, with a significant financial component, were also termed as such, causing a rush of metaverse real estate.

A 66% increase.

Following Facebook’s announcement of its metaverse efforts on October 28, the number of apps using the term “metaverse” jumped 66% month over month in November. By the end of November, 29 apps had changed their name to incorporate the word. Which was more than double the 11 apps that had been modified in October.

“Crypto” is the most common term, after “metaverse,” with 23% of apps citing it. This is unsurprising given that the web3 crypto community has recently been relying heavily on hype. Moreover, dubbing something the “metaverse” before it ever exists is the definition of hype.

“NFT” was the second most common phrase, appearing in 18% of the apps, or 118 in total. The terms “augmented reality” and “virtual reality” were discovered in 11% and 9% of the apps, respectively.


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